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Cycle Training

Cytech technical two wheel building

Have you ever wanted to learn the black art of wheel building but were too afraid to ask?

Fancy a challenge? Building your own wheels is a journey that will challenge and give you immense satisfaction.

Introduction and qualification objectives

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. All it takes is some concentration, clear instructions, multiple cups of tea and plenty of biscuits.

Building wheels is pretty ambitious but with expert tuition and the right kit you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Using beautifully made components and spokes the end result will be a professional quality wheel set.

The ATG Cycle Academy have been teaching the cycle trade to build wheels for years, and this 2 day course can take you from absolute beginner to wheel builder in just 2 days.

Topics covered

Understanding the principles and materials used in wheel building

Lacing a 32 hole 3 cross spoke pattern

Looking at other spoke patterns and variations

Disc and non-disc brake specific patterns

Mastering the art of truing and tensioning a wheel

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