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Cytech technical three hydraulics

Who is the Cytech technical three hydraulics course aimed at?

The Cytech Technical Three Hydraulics course is aimed at individuals who have experienced riding with hydraulic disc brakes and have experienced hydraulic bleed procedures. It is also for those who are new to servicing a hydraulic brake calliper and lever and want a deeper understanding of how basic hydraulic principles are applied to both road and mountain bikes.

What does the Cytech technical three hydraulics course cover?

The Cytech Technical Three Hydraulics course covers service work that could reasonably be expected to be performed in a well-equipped cycle workshop and is meant so that on completion of the course those attending will be more confident as to what jobs they can undertake and be familiar with the basic theory, terminology, troubleshooting, servicing and set up of both road and mountain bike hydraulic brakes.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how a hydraulic brake works and be able to translate this knowledge to different brands / models of Road and Mountain bike systems
  • Be familiar with the terminology, tools, lubricants and components used when servicing hydraulic brakes
  • Know how to find the correct service instructions
  • Be able to complete a variety of bleed processes
  • Shorten a hydraulic hose and install olives / compression fittings
  • Remove and replace calliper pistons and seals
  • Remove and replace lever seals and hardware
  • Set up a Road and Mountain bike brake to rider preference

Who is the course suitable for?

 The Cytech Technical Three Hydraulic brake course is suitable for those with experience of riding road and mountain bikes with hydraulic brakes and those who work in shops that sell bikes equipped with hydraulic brakes

  • It is suitable for those with a Cytech Technical Two/equivalent 2 qualification or as a guide, 3-4 years industry knowledge
  • It is suitable for those who are nervous about taking hydraulic brakes apart and servicing them
  • It is suitable for those who are familiar with basic service procedures such as bleeding and hose shortening as the course will confirm that the process being used is correct.

Who is the course NOT suitable for?

The Cytech Technical Three Hydraulics course it not suitable for those with no experience of hydraulic brakes or shops that do not stock bikes equipped with hydraulic brakes, as the attendee will not get the future experience of servicing hydraulics in the workshop on completion of the course to keep the knowledge learned valid

  • Those who do not hold a Cytech Technical Two/equivalent qualification or with less than 3 years industry experience
  • Those with at least 1-2 years of hydraulic brake servicing who have received manufacturer training in company and regularly service hydraulic brakes

Future experience on top of this course (gained in company and from manufacturer training courses) is reasonably expected for those completing the Cytech Technical Three Hydraulics course due to the vast nature of brand specific product and the continuous changes and developments that are being made to hydraulic brake systems

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