Our commitment to Employers

ATG has a current portfolio of over 300 companies, ranging from large multinationals such as GE Healthcare and British Aerospace, to national employers such as Halfords, Railtrack and Miele, to medium sized and small companies. We also work under contract to major training organisations such as the Learning and Skills Council – both nationally and regionally, Sector Skills Councils, National Skills Academies, PERA and many others.

One of the key aims of ATG Training is to listen, consider and act upon the comments and suggestions made by its business customers. Therefore all employers served by ATG Training will have the opportunity, at least on an annual basis, to record their levels of satisfaction with the organisation and the training provided.

ATG Training deliver a range of courses created specifically for employer and these can be found in the courses section of this website.  If you need help finding a course please email us or call: 01296 737800

Mission Statement

Our commitment to Employers

ATG Training will be a vibrant, customer-focused training provider, moving into the Future with a diversified portfolio of products and a strong financial base from which to expand to a national reputation.

Our Aims

To deliver high quality training in Manufacturing/Engineering, Child Care, Customer Service, Business Administration Distribution & Warehousing and Management

  • To increase the engagement of employers in workforce development
  • To meet and exceed the needs and expectations of employers and their staff
  • To raise the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of learning provision through increasing employer satisfaction
  • To contribute to the development of successful business within the local, regional and national economy

Key Principles

In order to achieve these objectives we have set out some key principles, these relate to the different stages of training and interaction with the client.

Prior to the start of training we will:

  • Provide initial advice and guidance on the range of training services we are able to offer.
  • Discuss requirements and resources for employees with additional support needs.
  • Identify the aims and objectives of the training.
  • Identify the benefit to the employer of training.
  • Provide a written Service Level Agreement and pricing guide in accordance with the identified training objectives.

At the start of training we will:

  • Provide a comprehensive induction programme explaining essential information to you and your employees including Initial Advice and Guidance.
  • Provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss issues and concerns prior to the commencement of the programme.

Throughout the training programme we aim to provide all delegates with:

  •  High quality training which takes into account individual needs and abilities, specific job skills and occupational competences
  • Trainers who are committed to the promotion of learning and are competent and well qualified in their subject or vocational areas.
  • Regular reviews of progress, support and feedback on achievement to the delegate and employer.
  • A well managed and co-ordinated course that meets the expected outcomes.
  •  Opportunities for delegates and employers to feedback their views on the course

At the end of training we will:

  • Provide initial feedback on the program against the aims and objectives set at the start.
  •  Provide a comprehensive feedback form that can be used to update and improve our training.
  • Provide a follow-up meeting and gather evaluation on progress.
  • Measure the impact of training on the employer.

In return we ask the employer to:

  • Support employees throughout their course and provide assessment opportunities as appropriate.
  • Allow ATG staff sufficient access for monitoring and follow-up.
  • Encourage employees to inform us of learning support needs.
  •  Ensure the venue meets Health and Safety standards when training takes place at your premises.
  •  Inform us if a delegates circumstances change if it impacts on their course or training.
  •  Contact us if you have any questions, concerns or complaints.
  •  Comply with agreed financial terms.
  •  Provide us with feedback on the training and services provided.
  •  Help us improve our service by providing feedback on the training and services provided and responding to employer surveys.


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